Welcome to Eleven Love!

Welcome to Eleven Love!

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. We're so happy you're here! We've rolled up our sleeves and built an entirely new online experience.

Our products are inspired to help connect you to the magical energy of the universe and to remind us of the divine love that is omnipresent all around us. Find something that speaks to your soul or give the gift of good vibes to someone you love.

You can now shop directly from our website including our hand-poured, soy wax candles infused with pure essential oils. Meltdown your Stoned Candle to find a mystery crystal whose meaning brings a special message from the Universe. Spread the love with our special little eleven love notes Find the perfect 100% Pure Mala that embraces your vision or grab your bestie an 11:11 Make-a-Wish Bracelet to remind them to Ask. Believe. Receive. We'll be adding fresh Apparel in 2019 and some even contain hidden 11's. Bonus: enjoy free shipping on orders over $100!  

Have we mentioned how much we love 11? Why do we love 11? The number 11 is so mystical. Why do we feel something when we see 11:11 on the clock? Why are so many people drawn to this number like us? We believe it is a nudge from the Universe reminding us to keep our thoughts positive and that divine power is always there for us, and to help guide us. We just need to Ask. Believe. Receive. 

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