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Eleven Love is a brand built on pillars of love and kindness.

Each product we create is meant to uplift and inspire. 

The number 11 is so mystical! Why do we feel something when we see 11:11 on the clock? Why are so many people drawn to this number? We believe it is a nudge from the Universe reminding us to keep our thoughts positive and that divine power is always there for us, and to help guide us.  We just need to remember, and ask! 

Eleven Love was founded by Alda Lee and Dawn Evans in 2017. In 2018, we organically gained another member; Shannon Silsbe. We are moms that met through our children and we believe the universe has brought us all together to help spread love and kindness and to raise the worlds' vibrations through products.

Alda Lee

After working in high tech for several years Alda found that she was unfulfilled. She decided to leave and take yoga teacher training. Alda taught yoga and during this time she discovered her passion and creativity in graphic design and illustration. Alda then found another passion in crystals, healing energy and jewelry. She has now combined all of her passions together to create what is Eleven Love today.

Dawn Evans

Over a decade ago Dawn studied the Japanese Healing Modality, Reiki. During that time she had still been working in the corporate world, just feeling that something just wasn't right. After having her two children she never looked back. That's when she met Alda and collaborated their creativity and passions in the healing arts to create Eleven Love.

Shannon Silsbe

Shannon started her life passion as a competitive Figure Skater. Being an empath, someone who is sensitive to energy, she found solace in yoga, and later took her yoga teacher training. After having two beautiful daughters she decided to focus her energy on her family. When Alda and Dawn met her they just knew right away she was the missing piece of the Eleven Love puzzle. And so our journey began!

Eleven Love products are created to help connect you the universe's magical energy and to remind us of the divine love that is omnipresent all around us. Shop our Mala Bracelets, 11:11 Wish String Bracelets, Handpoured Candles with Soy Wax & Essential Oils, Greeting Cards, Little Love Notes, and Apparel.

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